Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Story

Hey everyone! This is Otter (Sam), and this is the story leading up to our adventure on the Appalachian Trail.

Ever since Daniel first read about the Appalachian Trail in a Backpacker Magazine in 2010 he's had a desire to hike it, and ever since then he's been taking the necessary steps to set out on such a large endeavor.

For over two years now, he's been studying the Appalachian Trail and the various forms of gear needed for the trail.
In addition we've both been working and saving as much as we can for this event.

As it is, we've only been on three backpacking trips, once in 2012, and each of the consecutive years following.
That of course, is only a small amount of back country experience, but each time it encouraged us that the AT could be done.

Daniel's plan has change several times, ever since he established march 9th as the start date.
The most major plan change happened in August of last year, when I decided to go with him.

I was undecided about going on the trail for several years, with people always encouraging me to go with him.
And yet I was still unsure, I still had my doubts about costs, time, and what I could be doing while he was gone.
Then it occurred to me, that I would regret not going on such an epic adventure!
This sort of opportunity doesn't come around every day!

And so I've been elected as The Keeper of the journal, and minister of propaganda (I.e. public relations officer.) It's my job to keep mom happy with weekly pictures and the like.

I'll be back in a week or so with more!


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  1. Mom and Sister. Also pictures should be at LEAST weekly. More often would be even more appreciated. Thank you.