Tuesday, May 5, 2015

30 miles, and The Dragon's Tooth.

Several things happened that should not have happened together.
One: Daniel and I hiked 30 miles in one day.
Two: We night hiked.
Three: We went over Dragons Tooth. (located between Catawba and Roanoke, VA)
If you were to take any one of those, you wouldn't have done anything extraordinary, however, if you were to do all three of those, then you would have done something stupid. (Like we did.)
Our plan that day, was to go a simple 13 miles to a shelter and avoid the rain that night, and with such an easy day to go by, we took our time going to the shelter.
When we reached it, we found a rather unnerving character there, and we had 7 hours of daylight left, so we decided that we would press on and maybe go all the way to Four Pines hostel 17 miles on.
Between us and there was two tough climbs, Bush mountain, and Dragons Tooth.
We beat the never ending Bush mountain without stopping, powered on by a sugar rush of Skittles.
When we reached the almost nonexistent top, we found a bench, on this bench someone had wrote "Voted best bench ever! - Seat and Stool magazine."
(To be read in a story telling font, for best results, an Irish accent is suggested.)
We reached mile 26 right as things were getting dark.
Before us, was the legendary Dragons Tooth, a dark fog surrounded us as we ascended the rocky, damp, treacherous climb, the eery mood shattered by an up beat song playing on the tablet, we were on our first night hike, and we were ready.  (End of story telling font)
Dragons Tooth is one of the hardest descents on the Appalachian trail (northbound), with a series of super steep rock faces with rebar set into the stone to allow safe passage.
Daniel and I did it at night, when it was wet, and when it was foggy out.
We might have been going 1/3 miles per hour while going down.
We crashed at Four pines at 10:15 that night, quite thankful that everyone was awake.
We barely even had dinner that night, a package of tuna is all that we had before bed.
Daniel and I are at Waynesboro, VA. Just before the Shenandoah National park, 861 miles are behind us.
~Link (Sam)
Pictures are: Daniel outside the Priest shelter.
The Dinosaur in Glasgow, VA.
And "Drifter" eating his cheese.


  1. Nice read! Be safe guys (from a cyber friend of your mom).

  2. Sorry my Irish accent wasn't working. All I could get was Spanish and somehow I don't think it has the same effect. Not really, I just thought it would be funny to say so.

  3. Don't be hiking at night on wet slippery mountains., in fog, what are you trying to do, give me gray hair?? Really do enjoy your blog and pictures. Have fun but be safe.