Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hot Springs, North Carolina!

The Parental Units waited futilely for a call all day Saturday and Sunday. Unable to stand the tension a moment longer- Sunday evening a call was placed to Elmer's Sunnybank Inn , the hostel where the boys were supposed to show up.
 To our immense relief, they were happily enjoying the hospitality of the music room at Elmer's! No wi-fi, no cell phone service in the town... so no call home. True to our word, we tracked them down. They are staying in the very same room the first Thru hiker of the AT, (ever!) Earl Shaffer stayed in on both of his visit's to Sunnybank Inn.
They received their first care package from home; and according to Fed-Ex the screen to the tablet has been delivered. In reality, the Fed-Ex delivery isn't likely until tomorrow... it was not there, despite its tracking number claim.
The words in blue in this post are clickable links that will give you more information on the subjects. Hopefully, Sam will be back to writing these updates himself. We ALL miss his way with words.

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