Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The best laid plans...

Of hikers and moms may often go awry! (I'm sure the phrase is something like that.) (This is the Mom. Again.)

The new tablet screen did reach Daniel and Sam in a more or less timely manner. That is the good news. The not so good news... while I (The Motherly Parental Unit) ordered a repair kit that came with tools- it came with specialty tools. Common tools usually available to most people are needed to actually complete the installation of the new screen. No access to these on the Trail. Sam boxed up the whole works and has sent it packing to here.
Last night we did get a new tablet ordered... and are hoping it does not play Trail Tag with the guys. They should be back to posting in a week or so.

Meanwhile... they continue hiking northward! They have been snowed on, rained on, and had their boots freeze overnight. They report that town days tend to be expensive. I am told they are taking plenty of pictures. (Actual conversation went more along these lines: (me) "Are you taking plenty of pictures?" (Sam) "Yes, Mom. We are taking pictures.")
I am leaving the details of the adventure to such a time as Sam (or Daniel!) can tell the stories in their inimitable style.
They have covered more than 275 miles of the trail thus far. Sam asks that not spell out exactly where they will be at any given time on the blog- or where they intend to be on any given day.
(Feel free to ask me in person- they don't mind sharing with folks we DO know.)
Once again, Thank you for reading Gravel Journey. Keep Daniel and Sam in your prayers!

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