Wednesday, June 10, 2015

An update that is most likely out of date.

New York > New Jersey

During our adventures through New Jersey we saw a few curious sights, such as, an old man swearing at a mini van for stopping in a parking lot to let an older couple out, thus forcing him to move three steps over.
And I thought to myself as I witnessed this "I'm sure those extra three steps meant everything to you!"

Overall NJ had a bad, dirty, unpleasant vibe.
New York has made up for that, and then some!

We have had more Trailangels through this state than any other.

Our first experience with them was water caches placed by a local trail club.
Then as we ate some ice cream at a creamery, a lady and her family took us to their place for the night!
And just a day or two ago a man cooked us up some hot dogs, and gave us some Gatorade.
All of this within a week.

And almost just to prove my point about hikers being the most whiney people on earth, we complained about it raining on us this morning!

Current mile: 1433.9
Miles left: 755.3

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