Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lost, then found.

After Folklore and I finally figured out what happened to our stove that was being replaced, we were at last able to put out some good miles for change.
What happened to the stove was that it arrived in Salisbury Via FedEx, like it was supposed to, and was signed for... Then it disappeared.
The outfitter doesn't have it. It's fallen off the edge of world.
We've assumed that either FedEx didn't actually drop it off, or that it was stolen.
And now since MSR can't send us a new one again for free, they're selling us one for $20 instead of $60.
Apart from that, we've now got 1600+  miles behind us, and the Whites are just 150 miles away.
During a accidental wrong turn in the trail, I found a Boomerang!
Now all I need is to find a place to throw it.
We're in Manchester Center, VT.
Mile 1651.1
538.1 miles ahead
...And for some reason I can't upload any pictures...
Sorry, Mom.

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