Friday, April 3, 2015


Hey everyone! This is Sam!
As it turns out, you can still find true adventures in this world today.
Halfway through the Smokies, we realized that we had missed a page in our guide book when we resupplied.
This left us with a choice, ration our food or, resupply in Gatlinburg TN.
Halfway through a day of starving our selves, we decided that the better plan would be to resupply.
So we caught a ride with a very kind lady trail named 'Mouse', she was section hiking part of the AT before doing the PCT later this year.
We had no idea of what Gatlinburg was before we got
Major culture shock, the middle of spring break, the sidewalks were PACKED with people.
My theory is that a traveling circus final wagon broke down on the spot that you can now find Gatlinburg TN. The elephants died away, but the Carnies have remained.
During our time there we were offered Moonshine twice (we turned it down).
Leaving there was our first time hitch hiking, it was kind of embarrassing to hold my thumb out for the first time, but I had a great case of beginners luck, and the first car pulled over.
Her first question was 'Are you guys murderers?'
'All right! Hop in!'
Thus was our trip to and from Gatlinburg.

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  1. I think you should of responded to "Are you guys murderers?" With "Not yet. But we have duct tape, knives, and trash bags."