Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hiker update!

I was promised an "I will try to update" several days ago. That didn't happen!
This is the Motherly Parental Unit letting the blog followers know that we had a check in- "We are still alive and having fun!" call on Skype over the weekend.
Daniel and Sam continue to find favor along the trail. They are beyond Damascus, and in a region where there is little to no cell phone coverage for the coming week, and even less opportunity for wi-fi to do blog updates. Sam is still journaling and working on updates, so once they do have favorable conditions, we may be in for more than one update.
I found a photo of the hikers on one of their previous hikes. Sam has threatened to block my access to update this blog if I post it here. In a few days, I will be adding photos from the full photo card to the picture site- and a few choice ones here.
The web address for the pictures is in this link: Gravel Journey Extra Pictures
Thank you for reading!

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