Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Two blogs gone to waste.

Sorry, Guys but when I tried  uploading two of the blogs that I had, my tablet went stupid and ate them both.

We've past the 1/4 point, and gone over 600 miles in these 43 days.
We're in Pearisburg, VA right now, and all the trees are in bloom.
It's quite a beautiful place, southern Virginia, Daniel and I both are wondering when Virginia is supposed to be boring.

The hostel that we're staying at is a very neat sort of cabin, with VERY strict rules about alcohol and drugs.
If one person is drinking a beer, EVERYONE is kicked out and the place locked up for 3 days.

A part from that, it is a great place for $10 a person.

Between us and 3 other thru-hikers we had Italian sausages, strawberries, beef fajitas, and Ice cream, and that was only part of it.

We've been having a great time out here, and we wish you guys all the best!

~Sam (Link)

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